If you aren't currently participating in one or more business groups or Inventor / Entrepreneur Clubs in your area, we highly recommend that you find and join one of these groups.  In addition to presentations offered by many pre-screened professionals and service providers in the industry, these groups provide an excellent forum for networking and learning from others.

Below are just a few groups we continue to actively participate in. For a complete list of groups across the country, visit the United Inventors Association Website.

Inventor and Entrepreneur Clubs

Juneau County Inventor and Entrepreneur Club

Terry Whipple

Inventors Association of Arizona, Inc.

Tim Crawley

Edison Inventors Association, Inc

Gary Nelson

Tampa Bay Inventors Council

Wayne Rasanen

Chicago 1st Black Inventors/Entrepreneurs Organization

Calvin Flowers

Innovators' Resource Network 

Dave and Caryl Cormier

Inventors Council of Mid Michigan

Alex Kiwior

Inventors' Association of Metropolitan Detroit

No website available

Frank Wales

Inventors Club of America

No website available

Jim White

Inventors' Network (Mpls./St.Paul)

Jack Smith
Roger L. Belfay

Minnesota Inventors Congress

Deb Hess

Houston Inventors Association

Otto Glaser

Inventors Network of Wisconsin

Toby Andropolis

Inventors Council of Cincinnati

Jackie Diaz

Inventors Association of New England

Robert Hausslein

Additional Resources and Business Groups

Jules F. Knapp Entrepreneurship Center - University Technology Park at IIT, Chicago


Business Network Chicago


MITEF Chicago (MIT Enterprise Forum)


Big Idea Forum (Chicago)

Jason Jacobsohn

Chicagoland Entrepreneurial Center

David Weinstein

Service Provider Partners

As you are building your business, you may be finding that you are unsure of how to choose various providers for various services. We have listed a few of our trusted partners that we highly recommend. Contact us today for an introduction to any of the following providers that may be able to assist you with your IP needs, product development, packaging, finance and manufacturing needs.

Brannen Law Office – Nick Brannen
Brannen Law Office - Nick Brannen

The Brannen Law Office practices exclusively in the field of intellectual property law. Patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets are our primary focus.

Valterra Products Inc
Valterra Products Inc

Valterra Products is a 100% U.S. owned and managed company offering Contract Manufacturing Services including machining, fabrication and welding, injection molding and extrusion, packaging and import / export shipping operations, and much more. Valterra is  headquartered in the Mission Hills area of Los Angeles, California - with their primary manufacturing facilities in Tijuana, Mexico. 

Wisconsin Pharmacal Company / Lake Consumer Products
Wisconsin Pharmacal Company/Lake Consumer Products

Wisconsin Pharmacal Company is an FDA and EPA registered manufacturer of OTC topical pharmaceuticals, and sanitizers – with a reputation built on more than 100 years of manufacturing experience. Wisconsin Pharmacal Company, along with their subsidiary company, Lake Consumer Products, is dedicated to providing their customers with dependable production and high quality products in a wide range of industries and markets, and brings the expertise and understanding of manufacturing and selling branded products. 

EMD Technologies
EMD Technologies

EMD Technologies provides a full range of engineering services in electronic hardware, software and mechanical design. Their teams provide over 100 years of combined experience with solving design, production start up and manufacturing problems.

Broadpeak Collaborative
BroadPeak Collaborative

BroadPeak is a professional services firm that assists emerging and middle market companies to raise capital and create infrastructure that supports growth that ultimately facilitate strategic transitions and transactions.

The Peakstone Group
The Peakstone Group

The Peakstone Group (TPG) is a private mergers and acquisitions firm focused on emerging and lower middle market companies.  TPG was founded on the belief that business owners desire high quality advice from talented and experienced professionals.  TPG specializes in selling businesses, assisting buyers in acquiring businesses and providing strategic alternatives advice.

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