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Bill McHenry
President, Envision Sales & Marketing

Bill has presented a wide variety of thought-stimulating and motivating presentations to groups of entrepreneurs, inventors and business owners across the country.  The presentations being offered are designed to teach aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups a variety of fundamental principles of sales and marketing and the tactics within, while providing refreshers and motivation to seasoned business owners.  Find out how Bill can bring his energy, enthusiasm and unsurpassed expertise to your organization.

Take the time to review our presentation topics then talk to us about how Bill can uniquely tailor his presentation to your specific needs and situation.

Bill's bio:

Bill McHenryBill began his business career by pursuing a strong educational foundation through his studies at Alma College. Upon graduation with a degree in Business Administration, Bill continued to expand his knowledge base through specialized training in each of the crucial aspects of the business world as he built his professional career. With diversified skills, Bill has expertise in team building, new product development and establishing expansive networks of sales relationships across the country.

Bill has lent his talents to corporations such as Carnation, a division of the Nestle Corporation, 3M, North American Philips, and Brach's Confections. His abilities have been put to use in upper executive positions in the sales and marketing sectors as well as business development. These broad experiences have provided him with diversified experience in multiple market segments including retail, healthcare, food service and institutional sales. Bill has achieved tremendous successes in his professional career, responsible for growing business in excess of one hundred million dollars with giants such as Disney, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Marriott. Never singularly focused on simply managing accounts, Bill has always put focus on monitoring and maintaining profitability.

After his twenty-year tenure in the corporate world, Bill decided to use his talent for business as a vehicle to pursue his passion to help other people. In 2003 he took a chance and launched a company of his own. Envision Sales and Marketing, or ESM, was designed with the specific purpose of aiding those with an entrepreneurial spirit as they build their dreams. Bill's unique and successful business plan provides businesses with individualized and cumulative services in areas of business development with an emphasis on sales and marketing. From simply retooling existing marketing materials to complete monthly management of all sales & marketing functions, Envision Sales and Marketing is ahead of the outsourcing curve, able to meet the diversified business needs of both new and established companies on a variety of levels. Thus, new ideas are able to make the leap from thoughts on paper to vital and thriving businesses. Bill's vast professional expertise has helped to launch a number of exciting new products and companies, building them from the ground up, by offering an extensive compilation of valuable services and resources. ESM's partners' results have included growth in sales exceeding 500% the first year, development of extensive outside sales networks spanning the country, nationwide product distribution, completion and launching of line extensions, and complete new product development. ESM stands alone as a unique opportunity for small ideas to become profitable businesses, providing assistance from concept to completion all the way to execution of sales. Entrepreneurs are able to capitalize on Bill's vision for establishing a wide market for their products through prospecting techniques, as well as his commitment to the formation of internal and external relationships. Even well-established and successful companies, such as Wisconsin Pharmacal, have found that Bill's creativity can open up previously unexplored business opportunities for them by introducing their products to entirely new markets and managing and growing alternate channels. Always looking for exciting and new opportunities, Bill has recently launched Widgeteer Inc, featuring the Vac-It® as its flagship product. With a focus on household products that will make life simpler for the modern consumer, Widgeteer looks to become a premier manufacturer of innovative and exciting products. Bill has proven that an emphasis on building relationships is a key component to success in the business world. His desire to make a difference in the lives of others has inspired his partner companies, his staff, and conference audiences alike.

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Reviews and Testimonials

Juneau County Economic Development Corporation and Juneau County I & E Club – Terry Whipple; President 7 Rivers Region & Juneau County EDC Executive Director

As an economic development professional and the founder of the Inventors & Entrepreneurs (I&E) Club model for the state of WI and the Midwest, I would recommend Bill as excellent prospect for speaking engagements and educational forums regarding entrepreneurship and innovation marketing.

Bill has been an annual speaker at our Inventors & Entrepreneurs Club for the past 6 years and has been an enthusiastic resource for our members during that timeframe.  Our Club is slightly over 2000 members.

The presentations Bill and his staff have done at our meeting were well thought out.  The content is always pertinent because Bill does what others in the Club want to do.  The event is always interactive and scores high in out monthly surveys.

Edison Inventors Association – Gary Nelson, President

Bill McHenry is a most worthy speaker on several marketing topics. He has been working with two of the Edison Inventors Association's more accomplished new product developers. Both members scrutinize their business relations very carefully and Bill has the strong endorsement of both. Bottom line, he knows what he is doing and does it well.

Business Marketing Consultant and Member of Entrepreneur Club

"By far the best Branding presentation I have seen. And I have seen a lot of presentations."

Entrepreneur - "Your presentation really got me fired up to go out and sell!"

Presentation Topics

The 7 Step Sales Process

Learn how to develop effective sales presentations through understanding the process of selling. The “7 Step Sales Process” offers valuable information, tips, techniques, and the components necessary to create a solid plan for presenting your product and keeping the attention of your audience. This presentation delivers the methods and proven techniques to assure well organized and well received sales calls. The presentation has successfully aided inventors and entrepreneurs across the country seize opportunities that they cannot afford to lose. By understanding each of the steps of the sales process, members of the audience will be more prepared to manage and execute these steps successfully.

Branding - What it is and What it isn't.

Our presentation is a lively and interactive introduction to what branding is and the process it entails. The presentation reviews the definition and purpose of branding, and introduces considerations for why branding is important. This presentation fosters an increased understanding of how branding relates to products, services and the entire business as a whole, and what it can mean to the bottom line of a business. Ways to effectively brand will be discussed in thorough detail.

Concept to shelf: What you need to know, and need to do.

We often find that inventors and entrepreneurs may not have a thorough understanding of all of the steps, requirements and processes that must be in place in order to take an idea or product to market. This presentation covers some of the details and information necessary to think about when planning to launch a product, what systems might need to be in place and how to prepare for that first order! The audience leaves with a clear understanding of what may come and gains increased confidence in knowing what resources to look for and how to screen various vendors.

Marketing. Old, new and everything in-between. Defined

It seems as everyone has their own understanding and definition of marketing. We will debunk the myths surrounding these definitions, and provide a thorough understanding of what marketing really is and discuss ways to design and implement marketing programs when preparing and launching a new idea, product or service. This presentation also covers integrating social media with traditional marketing methods, and provides insight into the differences and variables of effectiveness of inbound marketing vs. outbound. The presentation will touch on what businesses can do today to start creating an impact on their business and brands by building a basic marketing plan and utilizing various social media platforms. Highlighted is the importance of monitoring, managing and authentically engaging with the target market.

If you are looking to schedule a presentation for your business group, please contact us today. Presentations are typically 1-2 hours each, and are customized for your group's needs.  We have also given customized one-day seminars, and would be happy to discuss developing a specialized seminar for your group.


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