Why ESM?

Every business can use some help. Maybe your fast growing business is outgrowing its niche, or your established business is in need of new life. Whatever the case, we offer an expansive listing of services and employ numerous business experts that want to help to help you succeed. ESM can dramatically increase the results of your company.

  • Do you need fresh ideas to grow sales, expand your markets & reach new customers?
  • Do you want to close the gap with customers and expand the gap with competitors?
  • Do you need a powerful new marketing presentation to showcase your company and products?
  • Does your business suffer "growing" pains, "shrinking" pains, or is it simply stalled?
  • Are your sales going up with profits going down, or are both spiraling downward?
  • Are you in need of experience, guidance and talent to grow your business?

Outsourcing helps:

  • Speed your time to market considerably if you are introducing a new product or service, or are launching a new business from scratch.
  • Avoid diluting the efforts of existing sales teams by overloading or shifting their focus away from programs that are working. (We all know companies are spread thin, and employees are often asked to do tasks where they don't have the expertise to succeed. Be sure not to make this mistake.)
  • Gain new perspective and fresh ideas to complement and execute your existing marketing strategies - an external perspective is extremely valuable. Because we offer several marketing disciplines, we are not predisposed to focus on just one. We will provide you with the honest, practical and realistic recommendations and actions that are based on the growth stage of your company.
  • Ensure that YOUR entire team works together cohesively. We have the experts on our team to work with your team to make this happen. Because we take your vision, turn it into action steps, and execute the processes, everyone working on your brand is communicating and working together. You no longer have to try to juggle and work to be sure that everyone is on the same page. Access to a broad network of strategic partners allows us to get the job done, quickly and efficiently. Seamless management of your marketing and sales functions - what could be better?
  • Save cost! You are gaining an entire team for much less than you would pay an entry level sales professional. Outsourcing professionals not only lowers HR, training and office overhead - there is so much less risk associated with outsourcing vs. hiring and retaining internal employees. There will be much less of your time spent monitoring employee performance and productivity. Essentially, you are putting your financial resources directly into marketing and sales functions, with the experience and proven results behind you! Your expenditures are consistent and managed, and deliverables are clearly defined. Our fees are derived from your budgets. Your fee will cover what you need - not what you don't!
  • Ensure better communications, reporting and accountability - ESM brings transparency to the marketing and sales processes of its clients.

Outsourcing key sales and marketing functions to Envision Sales & Marketing provides your business with a team that brings results, consistent and managed expenditures, and NONE of the additional overhead incurred with internal staff.

Grow your team instantly with the addition of Envision Sales & Marketing. It is our goal to work WITH you to grow your business.