Company History

After a twenty-year tenure in the corporate world and in search of new challenges, Bill McHenry, the Founder and President of Envision Sales & Marketing, decided to use his talent for business and as a vehicle to pursue his passion to help other people. Initially, Bill went to work to assist a brand new company with launching a little known product and growing that business to nearly a million dollars in sales in just one year. It was throughout this venture that Bill came to realize the lack of valuable yet affordable marketing services available to and designed specifically for small business. As Bill searched for and began to manage multiple providers to support growth of this company, he became frustrated with the amount of time that was being spent managing the numerous providers - including graphic designers, a PR agent and a marketing support agency. Not only that, but he found that it was very difficult to guarantee continuity amongst the various people working on individual products. Bill realized that the time he was spending on the coordination of these efforts was valuable, and would be much better spent focusing on sales efforts. What he really needed at the time was a marketing department.....and one that would share in the company’s vision. But, the company was young and did not have the resources to hire numerous internal staff to meet it’s needs. It just wasn’t an option. Bill felt sure that other companies must be experiencing the same challenges. Bill dove deeper into researching this hole in the market, and confirmed his beliefs. Bill decided to build a company that would provide full scale marketing and sales services designed to help businesses grow.

In 2003, Bill launched Envision Sales & Marketing with the specific purpose of aiding those with an entrepreneurial spirit as they build their dreams, providing businesses with individualized and cumulative services in areas of business development with an emphasis on sales and marketing. The company has grown exponentially - adding numerous internal staff as well as the formation of many strategic partnerships to allow Envision Sales & Marketing to provide an extensive and superior offering for its clients.

The teams within Envision Sales & Marketing consist of experts and professionals with the experience, education, creativity and drive to help businesses excel. Our consultants and partners come from all over the world - no project is too far away--too large or small. From simply retooling existing marketing materials to complete monthly management of all sales & marketing functions, Envision Sales and Marketing is ahead of the outsourcing curve, able to meet the diversified business needs of both new and established companies on a variety of levels.

Bill has proven that an emphasis on building relationships is a key component to success in the business world. His desire to make a difference in the lives of others has inspired his partner companies, his staff, and conference audiences alike. These core values have made ESM the perfect place for building dreams. And we are very proud to say that we are one of the few agencies available that completes the entire circle - executing the plans we help to create all the way through the sales functions.